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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Sunday consisted of:
-Playing at home
-Driving to Mascot for lunch
-Chicken rolls for lunch, sausage roll for Joaquin and cheese bun for Zalia
-Buying asados, chorizo for dinner
-Dropping off the meat at home
-Drive to Balmain to go to Zumbo's
-Buying macarone and cakes at Zumbo
-Driving home, getting ready to hit beach
-Beach, play at beach, sleep for Zalia
-4.5km run ( I could only do a small run as we had to go home and make dinner)
-Stop at woolies at Coogee for some supplies
-home at 6pm, light bbq, parboil potatoes, wrap corn, pumpkin, zucchini in alfoil with olive oil and salt for bbq
-baths before dinner
-Ate at 8pm
-Desert Zumbo macarone's for us, passionfruit tart from Zumbo and Nut cake from Zumbo, ice-cream and chocolate sauce and tim-tams for them for desert
-teethbrushing and in bed at 9pm

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