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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just a little about me

Things about me:

~I have a cup of tea, white with one sugar for breakfast
~I love toasted cheese and tomato toasties
~I love my children sooo much but my 2 year old daughter is driving me a little loopy lately with her  strong voice and bossy ways
~I am very sensitive and love animals and do not want them to suffer, my 4 year old turning 5 is the same

~ I would love another child but do not know how I would handle that
~I love being pregnant
~It takes me two years after I have a baby to start getting my body back
~My daughter turned two in April, and my body is now size 12 but I would love to lose 5 more kilos

This is me last wednesday after having tacos and a glass of wine
~I just (last month) received a job offer to work and do research overseas
~I am terrified and excited at the same time
~I do not know how I will cope working so much and raising a family
~I do not know how we will cope as a family if we leave Australia for this job
~I would love it if my partner worked less, and he would love to be a stay at home dad
~I love to run
~Last time I ran was 2 weeks ago, 7.3km in 50 min
~I have had a sore knee and tried to run less
~I love running when the sun is out, but only have time to run now at night and it gets so dark so quickly now that winter is around the corner here in the southern hemisphere
~I love swimming but need to push myself to get in the water
~I love washing clothes, making sure everything is washed- I am slightly obsessed...
~I hate putting clothes away, I hate ironing
~I love clothes
~I love old furniture
~I love having a clean home
~I love to write, and have written a diary since I was 7, now I write in my blog
~I would love to do more creative things with my children, and worry less about having a clean house or clean clothes
~I have had a slight headache for the last few days, on the right side of my head
~I am a casual demonstrator at uni and always feel I am not good enough
~I would love my children to be confident, intelligent and have no bias in life

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