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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Joaquin 5th Birthday Party

We celebrated Joaquin's 5th birthday in May. Even though his birthday is not till the 8th of June.
For his birthday we hired a scouts hall, hired a jumping castle and two entertainers dressed as a fairy and as Buzz light year.
We all paid $116 (amongst 6 mums).
There were 6 kids having their birthday- Joaquin, Tamer, Julia, Sienna, Savannah, and Jess. Joaquin was the youngest.
He had about 10 kids come.
We made 25 little choripans (small spanish chorizos in little bread rolls).
We made 50 empanadas (mostly meat and some cheese and ham ones)
I made 45 chocolate cupcakes with coloured sprinkles.
I made 12 little party bags which included, dinosaur puzzles, stickers, lolly pops and little matchbox cars.
Here are some photos from the day!

The hall. Zalia waiting outside.
The birthday table with sandwiches, chips, lollies, apple
Zalia eating a chocolate cupcake
Some of the empanadas waiting to be warmed in the oven

Zalia, Tamer and Joaquin

Cupcakes made by me
The fairy and Buzz year entertaining the kids
Joaquin laughing at the fairy
Zalia with a pink sword made by her daddy (he made many balloon swords for the kids on the day)
more entertainment
Joaquin on the plastic tent
Joaquin and orange sword with me chasing him

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