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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Its raining in Patagonia and my feet are feeling the cold

Today I am working from home. From the cabin and it is pretty cold. It is raining outside and the sound of the rain on the tin roof here in the cabin is quite calming. There is snow on the mountains around Esquel, finally snow! 

It is so cold that I have my ski jacket on and a grey cardigan plus two heaters on in the cabin, and the cabin is small mind you. My feet are cold :(
My phone "weather app" says it is 12 degrees C, but with the rain I feel it is colder! When it rains in Esquel, it snows on the mountains. Out the window I can not see the Nahuel Pan mountain as it is covered with fog and it is probably snowing on there!

I have so much work to do but I decided to do a small little blog entry because I felt like writing about how I feel right here and now.
That is what a blog is for me, a description of how we feel in the moment, ideas on what we want, what our children are doing, so we can look back and remember.
Since becoming a mother I have forgotten a lot of things.
I hope I have not forgotten how to be happy.

I am happy in the now. Why should I not be I am healthy, my family is healthy I am busy and working on something very interesting. Winter is coming, and I have enough food to feed my family. I am now the sole provider for my family. Saying that I have to get paid for this month and still have not gotten paid. It is a bit frustrating and I guess I need to organise my moneys a bit better. 
This month we had about 6 birthday parties to go to, and that means buying presents that are between $50 and $70 pesos.
Luckily I did not have to pay and medicines as we are all quite healthy, touch wood.

June is going to be cold and full of activity.
-Joaquin's birthday
-Organise Joaquin's birthday
-Organising flights
-Organising hotels
-Travelling to La Plata to do work
-Travelling to Buenos Aires
-Perhaps meeting up with my brother and his girlfriend in Buenos   
-Visit my grandfather in Buenos Aires
-Visit my uncles and aunty in Buenos Aires
-Travelling to Australia for the holidays
-Organise my talk to give in Australia
-Organise a catch up with friends in Sydney

June I want to:
-Play more with my kids
-Keep Swimming 2-3 times a week
-Keep Running 2-3 times a week
-Be happy and patient with my family

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