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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Some things that happened in May 2013 in Patagonia

May is here and nearly over.
I have not really blogged at all in May.
I can try to recreate the days that we had in May 2013 and blog about them.
Maybe I will with some photos.
I feel I need to document my life as I forget things when there is so much going on.
Well not so much but a lot.

This Month:
-It snowed in Esquel.

-It frosted for many mornings and Mr Frost was resilient and hard core, there was still thick ice crystals on the grass until 2pm.

-I began to get fit and now running a bit more regularly and swimming twice a week sometimes 3 times.

-We had a cold, not too bad and it left just as it came.

-I have been working and my computer currently has 1000s of tabs open with publications on marsupial pouch young
-My publication came out a few days ago on fossil bandicoots from Australia. I am first author yeahhh!

-I can see how much Zalia is changing and growing. She is starting to speak so much more. She can count to 15 in english and spanish. She knows her own name how to recognise it when it is spelled out. She loves Preschool. She is going on a growth spurt emotionally, physically and intellectually. She has eaten everything in the last few weeks and feels heavier when I carry her.

-Joaquin will be 6 soon. Where has all the years gone. Why is he growing so fast. He is such a sensitive little boy, a bit lazy but very smart when he wants to be. He is doing very well at school even though he has had to learn a new language. He is a bit lazy when it comes to homework and he hates getting dressed each morning. I want to enjoy these next few weeks when he is still 5 and not growing so fast. I guess that is life and I should enjoy every moment every stage. He is looking forward to his birthday and wants a "Doki party". He is currently obsessed with Doki from Discovery Kids, a puppy who runs the show.

- Speaking of puppies that run the show, I found a little lost abandoned puppy last week outside the children's school. I took her home, Joaquin called her Escapita Morena Blue. What a name. She is brindle and very cute but after a week being at our house we decided we needed to find her owner. I could not find her owner but I found  a man who has another dog and loved her at first sight and wanted to adopt her. I took her to the vet and she has been vaccinated and given anti-parasite tablets. It was not very nice seeing large worms in her poos around the home. I also bathed her. The vet said she was a cross mastiff which obviously scared my mother as she imagined an aggressive dog. But I really do doubt this dog has mastiff and will be aggressive. She may be however Labrador cross with a brindle type of dog.
I am not sure if i did the right thing giving her away. Joaquin misses her so and I cried so much the night I gave her away.
Zalia was very much enamoured with her but held her in a headlock most of the time. She is sitting her now watching me type, on my lap and as she saw the photo she said "puppy, poor puppy"!
One of the reasons we decided at the moment it was not the right time to have a puppy is that we are busy, we are going away for a month and it really seems unfair to had her over to my parents to watch. Also maybe Zalia is too young to have her. The puppy needs to be of good character. We did not know how this one would go or how big she would grow. Though truthfully she was very sweet and patient with the kids and had settled in by the last day we had her. I am a bit sad about the decision to let her go. It was like as if I was giving away a child. I cried.

I have so much to do.
-Finish my presentation for Australia.
-Organise Joaquin's "6th Birthday party"
-Organise so I can spend a few days in Buenos Aires before I travel to Australia.
-Organise the house, I want to add shelves in the kitchen and get them a small table and chairs so they can draw and paint like we had in Howard street. But there is no Ikea here. I need to get it made by a carpenter. 

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