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Friday, May 23, 2014

Parque Nacional Los Alerces Autumn 2014

Here are some photos I took last Friday. I went to the Park to collect owl pellets, left by the owls during the recent increase of small rodents. The small rodents have increased in numbers since January 2014 as the native bamboo has recently gone to seed an event which occurs once every 65 to 70 years in these parts.
The park is beautiful. The trees were dressed in their autumn hues. there was snow on the tops of the mountains. Every thing was humid and moist. I saw so many different types of fungi, red, purple, pink, large brown ones, small spherical ones with dots. I did not see any mice or marsupials.
I am a bit terrified about catching Hantavirus which is endemic in these areas and is spread from inhaling the urine or urine spray from infected rodents. I did pick up owl pellets with rodent remains. I have to treat them properly before I process them.

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