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Sunday, May 4, 2014

So much rain..

It has been raining all weekend. Today is Sunday it is past 9am but we are all still in bed and all I hear is rain outside. I need to walk my little four year old to take her to toilet before any accidents occur. She wears no nappies now. We started over a month ago dropping the use of nappies at night. It is working even though there has been some wet beds.
This week we had three days off, there was a holiday on Wednesday to celebrate the welsh people in chubut, then May Day on Thursday and accompanying day off for Friday.
We have gone for walks, played inside, had friends over, made pizza, gone to see a children's local music band Entrecerros, had hamburgers for lunch at a friends place. I made quince paste or Dulce de Membrillo, following Stephanie Alexander and a yummy banana cake.

There has been crying, laughing, dancing, playing, eating.
Today I need to 
Make coffee.
Organise week.
Clean some of the house.
Catch up on overdue work.
Love to go for walk with dogs, will wait till rain subsides.
Need to shop for food.

Quince paste recipe from Here
  1. 4-6 Quinces, washed and peeled
  2. 1/2 cup of water
  3. juice of 1 small lemon
  4. sugar (about 500gm – details to follow)
  1. Cut quinces into large chunks, include the cores and pips of one quince, and place in a saucepan with lemon juice and water
  2. Cover and simmer on a medium heat for about 30min or until quince is tender
  3. Place ingredients in a food processor until smooth and weigh mixture
  4. Mix purée with about 2/3 of its weight in sugar
  5. Return to a wide and deep frying pan or saucepan and cook for about 3-4 hours stirring every few minutes
  6. The mixture should now be a beautiful pinky-red colour and become thick and hard to stir with the spoon
  7. Place the mixture in a tray between two sheets of baking paper and leave to dry in a warm spot for a few days – alternatively, heat the oven to 50°c, turn the oven off and place the mixture in the oven overnight
  8. Scoop the mixture into small jars and share with friends!

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