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Friday, July 2, 2010

La familia

I saw this in A Cup of Joy, it caught my eye.

One fmily 30 years on
The arrow of time

“On June 17th* every year, my family goes through a private ritual: we photograph ourselves to stop, for a fleeting moment, the arrow of time passing by”
- Diego Goldberg, Buenos Aires, Argentina-

I can relate as they are from Buenos Aires, and I was born there.
I would like to do this with my little ones, but it is a bit too late with Joaquin who turned three.

I am happy today, it is Saturday, everyone is still asleep. Joaquin had fever last night and this morning and talks with a sweet voice when he is feverish, it breaks my heart. Zalia is still asleep i think, she has been such a good little baby. Make me want more.
I love being a mother.

My parents are still here visiting but have gone to the south coast for the weekend to visit their spanish friends. It is good as we will be by ourselves as a family for the first time in our home. Just the four of us. We will all have some crumpets, enjoy the sunny weekend and maybe watch Argentina vs Germany tonight for the world cup.
Vamos Argentina!

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