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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trip to Manly

On Sunday we took the ferry to Manly, it was a nice winter sunny day. Jas went to Scone to pick up the cot so we (my parents, Joaquin, Zalia and I) took a bus into Circular Quay then a ferry trip into Manly. The ferry was very calm and it is not Zalia's first trip. I went to Bundeena when I was 40 weeks pregnant with her, and also to Cockatoo Island on a Ferry when she was 5 weeks old I think. She is 11 weeks old and a very good girl.
We walked around Manly, had a late lunch in front of the beach, I had a pumpkin and fetta salad, my mum and Joaquin the fish and chips and my dad a beef burger. Zalia was very good and slept all the time in the pram.
We walked back to the ferry station, shoped at Aldi and i bought a skim milk hot chocolate from Max Brenner. It was quite silky and yummy. I drank it and we all quickly got on the ferry back to Circular Quay. Joaquin and my parents had icecream cones on the ferry and Joaquin finished his ice cream for the first time in his life i think. He enjoyed it and had chocolate all over his face. The Sydney city lights are beautiful from the ferry . Joaquin was watching the bouys bounce on the water and their bright lights.
I miss Jas and hopefully we can all go to Manly together.

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