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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday yum-cha with the family

Had a beautiful day, yum cha at Bondi Junction, yummy prawn dumplings, soft shelled crab with chile, fried calamari, duck pancakes, fried noodles and mango pancakes with cream for desert. Zalia slept throughout the whole feast. Joaquin poor little one has had fever the last few days but he ate well today. He ate noodles and loved the prawn dumplings and the jasmine tea.

J and I talked a lot and it was the first time in a while we have been relaxed and had fun.
Afterwards we did some food shopping and bought Joaquin some lego and thomas dvds as he has been very good this weekend stuck at home and not feeling well.

Currently watching Masterchef (taped with myth tv) and Jas is reading Joaquin and getting him to bed. Zalia has had a little bath and I used Jurlique baby bath lotion smells like citrus and clean (a present from a friend). She loves her little baths and cries when they are finished. So hopefully she will stay sleeping and J and I can have something sweet to eat and watch a movie.
I think Zalia has not been feeling 100% she been falling asleep on me after her feed and then when i put her in her moses she wakes up. Cross my fingers she sleeps a few hours now.

Both Zalia and Joaquin at 10 weeks, they look similar brother and sister. I love them so much!

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