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Monday, December 12, 2011


Today is the 13th of December 2011.
What have I done today:

1) Cleaned the house in the morning for a little while
2) Kids slept in till 8am, yehaaa-grandma but Z was up at 4am and did not get back to 5am in my bed, bf and finally getting to sleep.
3) Had a play date at our house with Joaquin's friends
4) house looked like a bomb hit it with toys everywhere
5) Ate muesli for breakfast and yoghurt
6) two hours later ate some toast with brie, tomato, avocado and spanish onion
7) my 19 month old Z loves Brie but not Australian Gold @ $3.99, no the good stuff Jindi brie that costs $7 a pop.
8) 11.00am-->Left the house as it is and headed for the park
9)11.20am--> met another mum and Joaquin's friend at park
10) 2.30pm-->played for about 2 hours
11)2.40pm--> came home, saw the house in a mess tried to clean up
12) 3.00pm-->ate more toast at 3pm and fed kids left over pasta and home made tomato sauce for a late lunch. Had tv on and watched play school and bf Z a few times
(mind you they had eaten already, breakfast, banana, biscuits, toast, cupcakes)
13) 4.50pm--> Cleaned the house and by 4.50pm had Joaquin ready for swimming and myself too
14) 5.10pm -- out the door for swimming
15) 5.30--> Joaquin swimming class and payed for his term next year, contemplating classes for Zalia
16) 6.00-- finally got in the pool, swam only 30 laps as I was late in
17) 6.35pm out of the pool in car
18) 6.45pm dropped of at randwick, hit Coles, bought more brie, bread, cheese for tomorrow's christmas playmate party at friends house
19) 7.00--> walked home stopped by the new Hungarian cake shop bought small slices of cake for $14
20) Jas made dinner yummy oven baked lamb chops (with home made breadcrumbs) with organic potato mash, steamed carrots, peas, and a yummy salad with avocado, feta, spanish onions, cucumber, tomato (all organic).
21) Joaquin ate all his dinner and got 20 smarties, Zalia ate most but does not like smarties
22) 8.45-9.15pm Jas put kids to bed, I cleaned, washed clothes hanged clothes on line, got clothes off line due to rain and mopped floors
23) 9.45pm Finally relaxed with camomile tea and cake
24) 10.00pm bed and lights out

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