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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today I was feeling very blah!
I try not to eat too much but i end up eating more. Seriously what crazy person does this so close to the silly season. Well in the silly season?
I managed to compensate with a walk to Coogee with a large pram and two kids, baby bag, lunch for 3, 3 drink bottles, one milk bottle, rain coats, rain cover for pram, hand bag. I went to visit a friend and her child and left my children there and ran to the beach (coincidentally they live 5 houses from Coogee) and ran towards Maroubra and then back down to Coogee then up towards Clovelly then back approx 5 km in 35 min a bit slow but who cares.
Then i walked back to friends house, hang out with other mums and kids, ate my lunch (red lentils, basmatti rice and organic snake beans). It truly was delish. Also snacked on some gingerbread house (naughty naught), had my nearly 20 month old daughter sleep on my lap, fed my children linch, decided at about 3pm to get out of the house. We cleaned up toys and went to beach. Joaquin wanted to play by waves. Zalia too scared to touch  sand. In the end Joaquin and his friend played on sand and then the beach. Zalia woke up at about 4p, and we went down to beach and Joaquin played for a long time with his friend in the waves. We watched and at 5.30pm Dad came to pick us up at the beach and we walked to shop to buy fish for dinner. When we got home i had a quick shower, got carrots ready and potato and went appointment at hair salon I had wax and nails done. Felt so goo. good night

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