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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Opp shop finds

Today I hit the op shops (opportunity shops):
Here is my loot ( I spent $115 total):
1) some clothes for me (more than 6 pieces including witchery striped jumper and maxamara bolero jumper)
2) some clothes for Zalia (blue and white stripes Zara dress and bottoms sailor style), country road blouse for Zalia
3) some board games for christmas and play dough hairdresser game
4) coffee jug and egg cup

Blue top shop top ($8.00), white singlet ($7.00), black dress ($12.00), black gypsie top ($8.00)

Details of dress

Blue WISH top/dress ($15.00) and white Zara shirt for the beach ($7.00)

Hello Kitty tin for Zalia ($1.50) 

Jug ($8.00) like my mother has and spotty black/white egg cup ($1.50)

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