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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Long weekend

We are spending weekend in the country, at J's parents place.
It is pretty cold and the fire has been running non stop, but there is limited wood here so am feeling the cold.

I have a rotten cold, but have started a 12 week winter challenge to get fitter and try to lose some weight. I do feel fit though, I think all the running I have done has worked on me, and I feel I can get fitter.

I got my haircut two weeks ago and love how it looks.

Saturday: I went to my exercise class at Centennial Park in Sydney. I have a bad cold but still managed to do well in the class and feel fit. It is hard running up hill though.
Got home, had a shower and made a yummy breakfast. I was able to throw together, some scrambled eggs, fetta cheese, avocado and some chile sauce. YUMMMY

We then packed and headed north.
We left at 10.30am, stopped in Tuggeraah Westfield for lunch. Jas and I always have fresh salad and cheese sandwiches when we stop for lunch. Z had oporto chicken strips and chips, Joaquin a happy meal which is just a burger, no onion or cheese and chips.
We finally arrived at J's parents place at 4pm and it was so nice and cozy with the fire on.
Joaquin was spoilt again and opened more presents, a dinosaur tshirt, lego pjs, socks, a cook aviator jacket with wool,  a lego caravan and car, an interactive map, and some 5 hot wheel cars.

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