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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Parque Nacional Los Alerces and drinking mate with a three year old

So my brother, Seb the astronomer or astrophysists is visiting from Cordoba, with his girlfriend. We decided to go on Saturday to the Parque, we packed a picnic. My dad cooked beef for sandwiches, my mum made bread. There was chocolate and biscuits and mate for desert.
It was beautiful. We saw a condor, that was my first time seeing such a majestic bird!
There it is above us in the car!
We went to Arrayanes. The water in the river was so blue so high so much water!

I saw a lot of hare droppings in the campsite, where we stopped for our picnic! 
Seba played the didgeridoo 

Zalia took photos of the scenery.

I took photos of Zalia and the scenery! 

Zalia drinking mate!
Zalia and me drinking mate

Abuelos and Zalia ( still drinking mate)

Me and the river Rio Menendez

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