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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Two little black puppies

We have two black puppies.
One has a name, Jackie blackie,the other is called Escapita II, or Negrush, or Puppy. No real name yet.
They are 2 months old, mother's a golden retriever, father is a black dog from the chacra. May have. Black lab!  They were born 11th July 2013. When we went to pick up my mother was originally to get Joaquin and Zalia just one puppy. I liked the bigger one, she had a white chest and white paws. But I saw the other smaller one, her sister the little runt, the last one left. So I said I want both!  We got them for free. They were officially weaned and were a month and bit old! They are growing fast, eating a lot, quite we'll behaved. Play together, growl a bit and have a lot of area to Run in. They sleep inside, wee and  poo everywhere. They are out now most of the days it is warmer. They loved it when it snowed a few weeks ago! Bondi has adapted well to her new housemates, she puts down the law, her paw. They respect her! 
They have been wormed, parasites and given two shots for parvovirus, they need two more shots and can go for walks.
Zalia has the bigger one, the nameless one, Joaquin has taken ownership of the smaller Jackie blackie with yellow collar!

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