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Monday, September 16, 2013

Skiing in Patagonia with a three year old

 Spring is here, not officially. Argentina does not celebrate spring till 21st September where there is a big celebration. Kids celebrate at school, and university kids celebrate with picnics.
Flowers are starting to come through, the pink peach plum blossom trees on the main drag in Esquel are in flower, gorgeous pink soft flowers, our willows have brand new green leaflets, but there is still a lot of snow on the mountains.
Speaking of snow, we all went skiing On the weekend. Joaquin went to ski school Saturday and Sunday even though we had two late night both nights! 
We saw guanaco on the road on the way up to La Hoya! 
Joaquin said they have the face of a kangaroo!

Zalia who is three years old, skied for the first time. We hired skis and boots for her and payed approximately 50 pesos or about $8 and we did not have to pay  a lift pass for her as she is under 6 years old, just insurance for $10 pesos.

I tell you it is blooming hard work teaching a three year old to ski, I had to carry her everywhere in the snow, walking through the snow in my heavy ski boots is hard. Then take her up the beginners ski rope lift. It really is an exercise. Se did not want to go to ski class or school with the other little kids. We saw her preschool friend who is also 3 skiing for the first time on Saturday too. 

It snowed both Saturday and Sunday but it was kinda nice. We spent time in the confiteria or cafe, had hot chocolate, ate pre bought sandwiches de miga for lunch and by Sunday 4.30 pm Zalia was on her own skiing without our help. Not down a steep slope but skiing never the less! I also lost my voice! 

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