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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Preparing Zalia's 4th Birthday

We are in preparation frenzy this weekend. As Zalia turns 4 on Monday. A friend is making a Hello Kitty cake for her.
We are making

  • mini quiches (recipe from Baby Mac)
  • small sausage rolls
  • home made pizza
  • cupcakes recipe Donnay Hay
  • biscuits
  • empanadas (made by my parents)

My beautiful three year old daughter is turning 4. She is strong willed, spirited, full of life, sweet, beautiful, strong, a free spirit and a gorgeous little girl that has taught me so much already about life in her short time here.
I love you my daughter.
Te amo, te quiero, te adoro Zalia Ines mia!

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