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Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend walking in Patagonia

Last weekend we went for a walk both Saturday and Sunday.
On Saturday before our walk, Zalia fell of a chair and cut her chin on the floor and chipped a baby tooth. She cried, there was blood, there was a panicked mother (me) and we took her to the hospital.
There were no paediatric doctor. There were mothers waiting to see doctors for their sick babies and children. There was a drunk man who came in singing and talking to himself with a carton of cheap wine in his hand. He went into the toilet and finally came out when Zalia said she needed to go. Another lady told him to leave. Finally an hour or so later, I went to talk to the other doctor who sees adults in emergencies and I asked him can he bring a nurse at least to clean up her wound and glue it or stitch it if needed. Finally I saw a nurse who told me the cut was not that deep. She cleaned it up and added the gotita to it (superglued it).
Then we went home and went for a 5km walk along the trochita train line. The puppies had fun, they are learning to walk on the leash. The scenery is beautiful.

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