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Monday, May 11, 2009

beds and bedrooms for children

We ventured to Ikea again on the weekend.
We decided it was the best time to buy our little 23 month old boy Joaquin a bed. He is nearly two and quite tall so a bed would be good, seeing that we will be away for over a month camping and when we are back he will have his bed.
We got him a white kritter bed, it is so cute with white sheep on the bed head and Fabler resa quilt cover and pillow cover. He slept in it the first night, but woke up at 4am very sick and was sick all Sunday (Mother's day). So mother's day was spent with a sick little boy and visiting the Children's hospital.
So last night he was feeling much better, eating and drinking and keeping food and water down and he slept all night by himself in his bed.

Inspirations from Ikea magazine
Living in a yurt. Love how the little boy is sitting on carpets and mats playing with wooden ikea trains.

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roger and courtney said...

I found your blog through a google search. I just bought my son a Kritter bed (used because we live in Bangkok and there is no IKEA here) and I am trying to find sheets, etc. for the bed.
I can't go to an IKEA to shop, so I am looking online, but I can't figure out what sheets and duvets will actually fit the Kritter bed. Are there special sheets for the bed or did you buy sheets and a duvet that were too big for the bed?
Would you mind to email me and let me know?