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Sunday, May 3, 2009

pantry organisation

We just got a new car for our four wheel drive to Cape York holiday in June. So in celebration we went shopping for a stack of food, and also in case the Australian Government asks its citizens to stay at home in quarantine for 2 weeks if there is a swine flu outbreak.
So based on this we bought a lot of food, tomato cans, pastas, flours, tinned foods.. etc. and I had to clean the pantry to put all the excess food in. In order to do this I wanted to find inspirations on pantry organisation and yes I found it at Apartment therapy
Spice Jars

Grains in Jars

Bento expert Biggie's storage solution

Grains in half empty bags
Here is our pantry

1 comment:

Mariss said...

I do that with jars too! Now I think I need to print some cute labels :) Thanks for the inspiration!