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Monday, May 4, 2009

Yum cha and Museum

Not last weekend but the weekend before we had an amazing time at the Museum, the Australian Museum. I went with J and J, my son and partner and it was great. The wondeful part about enjoying a Sunday out with the family was the beautiful scrumptious yum-cha we had before the museum, walking around the city, Joaquin's excited face when he saw a monorail for the first time, yelling Train train.

At the museum we saw the exhibition "When mammoths roamed". It is originally an exhibition from France from the Natural History Museum in Paris so they have all the information in French and English, it is interactive and Joaquin loved touching buttons and playing with the mammoth hair, and touching copies of mammoth teeth. We also saw the dinosaur exhibition, it is also quite interactive and good for maybe slightly older children, he was a bit scared with the Giganotosaurus dinosaur (from Argentina, Neuquen). And last but not least we saw the Climate change exhibition which is also highly recommendable.

He also loved the Kidspace at the museum, there is so much to do there, for young children between 1 and 6 at the kidspace, it is like a mini museum for under 5s.
Kidspace features five 'pods':
* Bug pod
* Marine pod
* Volcano pod
* Observation pod
* Imagination pod
Each pod will intrigue your children. They can feel real animal skins, enjoy wall puzzles, make crazy mixed-up animals and peek out of the observation pod for wildlife spotting. The pods are big enough for adults to join in with their children.

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