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Monday, February 15, 2010

32 weeks pregnant and nesting

I am 32 and a bit weeks pregnant, and feeling big and tired.

I think it is due to the humid weather we have been having in Sydney and other parts of Australia. It has rained a lot and lakes and rivers and dams are very full of water.
On the weekend we went to Centennial Park and the lakes were very full, and there was ducks and the odd eel. The rain is good for a country like Australia.
There is a baby boom going on here in Sydney, in the eastern suburbs. Here in my building there are 7 units, and out of the 7, three units are pregnant and my next door neighbour had a baby last week. SO two weeks ago there were 4/7 units with pregnant women at the same time. I find that very funny and weird.

I feel good in a sense because we hired some cleaners to clean our apartment as it was getting a bit hard for me, and i feel frustrated with my nesting. They did a great job and cleaned all the windows and the glass doors and dusted so well. It makes everything feel so fresh and new, and lovely. Why do small superficial things like this matter so much? Here in Sydney it seems many mothers have cleaners. It is a bit expensive but worth it. At least our house will be fresh and clean when my parents come. I still have to clean my clothes cupboard and drawers and give away unwanted clothes, clean the pantry and throw out unwanted things etc. I have to buy some non-disposable nappies.

I may order these Baby Behinds all in ones. I still need to do a bit more research.
a) How many do I need (for a new born and then later)?
b) Do i buy some new born ones and then some larger ones?
c) with velcro tabs or snaps?
d) as i do not know the sex of the baby what colours do i get?
e) How do I clean them?
Magic all in ones with snaps

All in ones with velcro

In other news I have a paleontology paper practically accepted in a journal which is great news and still have to finish another before baby is born.
My parents are coming to Australia in 2 weeks time so that will be great. Just don't know if our apartment will be big enough with 4 adults, a 2 year old and a baby on the way.

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