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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

craving sweet food

Did not sleep from 2.30 until 5.30 am.
Was thinking about food, and was craving macarons. Even though I have never had them I think.
I ended up searching through Aussie blogs to find out where to get macrons in Sydney.

I ended up at this blog chocolatesuz and found out about these different macaron options in Sydney.
1) Adriano Zumbo macarons
2) Lindt macarons
3)Also someone mentioned that "the best macarons in Sydney are at the new Belle Fleur chocolate shop on Parramatta Road in Petersham – you park in Palace St."
4) and "The Renaissance a french patisserie in the Rocks and they have THE BEST MACARONS ever tasted !!! Even better than the one from Pierre Herme in Paris."

Prehaps I have to venture and check these places out.
So in the end I had a cup filled with muslie and skim milk at 4.30am in the morning to help my cravings.

I also like Paris Breakfast blog and her obsession with macarons from a store called Laduree in Paris.
One day I would like to go to Paris.

Anyway I think I will settle for something completely different and may go to a really good restaurant in Sydney for my birthday.

Spent all morning in the park with Joaquin and other children. He has a lot of fun playing in the playground, sandpit, on the swing, with his thomas trains and moving water around in old coffee cups from the water fountain to the sandpit. He knows all the names of his thomas trains, he also knows that when I am having a baby my waters need to break first. I mentioned this to him after having a dream where I thought my waters broke, and he over heard me saying this to Jas and now is asking me... "Is the baby coming, have your waters broke" He is not even 3.

Anyway today was a beautiful day and we were at the park from just before 10am to 1pm. Then we walked home, I made some lunch for me and had a snooze with Joaquin.
In the afternoon, I settled for making some vanilla cupcakes for Joaquin and I. I just devoured one and half cupcakes, not that nice though but hits the sweet spot.

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