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Monday, February 22, 2010

33 weeks in Sydney

We are home. We spent the weekend in Scone, in the Hunter Valley , 3 1/2 hours north of Sydney. It was hot, Joaquin spent time in a little blue tarp pool playing with water and the hose. We had some yummy lunches and spent the afternoon inside with the airconditioner. The baby has been moving a lot but still in its place. I think the head is down. I am not as hungry as I was with Joaquin, I feel a lot of pressure on my tummy and hope it is growing as it should as I don't feel as big as I did with Joaquin.
Joaquin has been a very good little boy, still trying to toilet train him, but gets distracted playing with cousins. He loves playing with Sophie who is a week older than him and follows her and they get up to mischief. He plays with trains and with Jed the large 11month old puppy. He wanted to know where Nanny's cat Ozzie was, but she passed away a few weeks ago and was very old, over 18 years old. She was a good sweet lovely cat.
Joaquin played with lego and wanted to play with the lego train but only if he went to the toilet.
Jas was a little less stressed, having Monday off and was able to sleep in and relax. Joaquin went to bed after 10pm each night, Jas played WII tenis with his mother and she beat him.

Now it is lunch time on tuesday, I am having pumpernickle bread with hellmans mayo, cheese and cherry tomatos. I was not hungry last night when we got home at 9pm and ordered thai from the local thai restaurant. Joaquin ate thai even though we gave him pasta with chicken before leaving scone. He ate thai and had a choclate egg for a treat, and then milk. Jas read him a book in bed, he did not want to go to bed, he washed his teeth, got upset and then vomited his food, but then finally slept.

This is a great maternity series and so is this one, I wish I had taken more photos during this pregnancy. I am 33 weeks, my parents are coming from Argentina on Sunday. I wonder what that will be like. I wonder if we are going to have a boy or girl.
Before lunch we played with some paper, sissors and cut outs. Joaquin spilt blue glitter all over the carpet. I have vacuumed it out, but there are still some blue shiny bits.
We will have a sleep soon after lunch and then go to the park if the weather stays ok. Right now it is windy and a bit grey, but still warm outside and no rain.

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