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Thursday, March 5, 2009

it is my birthday today

It's my birthday today. I really want to thank my parents for raising me and loving me so much.

Things I would love for my birthday!
Cafe made by J
A big kiss and hug by Joaquin
Going for coffee and breakfast at the beach with my friends.
A pedicure
Some country road biker boots
Have a paper finished soon or even two
Get a lot of love from my two J boys
Finish my postdoc project asap

But the funny thing is I am happy, I have two boys who love me, my parents who love me, I have started to work back at Uni two days a week teaching, I have found daycare for my son for two days a week just up the road between home and uni, I am very busy, I am going to the gym and running and am generally feeling good about myself.
Besos to everyone

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