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Thursday, March 12, 2009

not much happened today

Today has been an eventful day but I have managed not to leave the house. I have managed to do 4 washloads of washing, with one still in the washing machine ready to be put on the line and I smell of baby vomit with pie. Yes that is what we had for lunch, my little one had a whole home made mince pie and so did I and then he had 200 mls of milk before going for his afternoon sleep.

Lo and behold I should know that is a recipe for disaster.
Considering babies or toddles under the age of 2 still have small stomachs and he has a bit of a cough from being in contact with other children at day care. I should of known it was going to happen. He of the easy spew.
It all started well I told him softly after his bottle "we are going to go to sleep now in your bed" he walked voluntarily to his cot, waiting for me to put him in there. This has never happened before. After singing him Manuelita, he loves it and asks for Tuga Tuga in his broken spanish.
He stayed awake for a while in his cot and about 10 min later I walked in and saw he was asleep. But about a minute later he woke up coughing and managed to spew all over his cot.
I cleaned it up, luckily J was here working from home so I passed him Joaquin and he cleaned him up. But the truth is I felt quite nauseous cleaning his blankets and sheets. The bits of mince pie just love to stick and cohere to the bits of curdled milk throughout fabric. Well I finally cleaned what I could and chucked it all in the washing machine, I was thinking the people in the Vatican are right, What would we poor women do without washing machines?
"The washing machine and the emancipation of women: put in the powder, close the lid and relax," said the headline on the article in Osservatore Romano.

Anyway still smell of spew and that was my day. I did not manage to go to the uni or do any work, I did have an afternoon nap which was good.
I love my little son more than words.

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