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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday in the Park

Had a beautiful morning at Cenntenial Park in Sydney.
Joaquin played with other little kids at the Paddington Gate Playgrounds

Centennial Parklands is not only one of Australia's best known and loved Parklands, but one of its most historic.

It was originally a swamp and then set aside as land for the water source for Sydney. Centennial Park was reconstructed as a public park and opened in 1888. Sir Henry Parkes vision was to create a "People's Park" in which the citizens of Sydney could "take in the air" away from the Sydney town centre.

While the first set of Parklands' regulations in 1889 included: "No person shall walk of the grass...." and "No person shall engage in any game, or train for any race..." the Parklands have come a long way to becoming one of the most popularly visited and vibrant green spaces in Australia.
They have even an Argentinian Ombu tree from the Pampas growing in the park, so far from home.

It is one of the nicest parks in Sydney and we only live about 1.5 km away from it and are so lucky to have such a beautiful park closeby. There is so much to do for children and there is an online magazine published by the Centennial Parklands with the going ons in the Park.

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