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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

life is.....

We are lucky here in Australia to have so much sunlight so much sun and so much warmth throughout the whole year. Because a winter in Australia is not the same as a winter in Europe. I do not say this from experience as I have only spent 2 months in Hungry and a few hours in Austria and Holland when I was 18. I say this from what I hear from people that are Australians and then live in Europe and miss the Australian sun and climate so much.
I think this is the case for other southern latitudes such as Patagonia, I have spent many months at my parents place in winter and sure it is cold but there is light and not always snow and the food makes up for it and the spring that comes after the cold. I would love to live in a cold country and experience this, a cold northern European country. Maybe one day!

Here in Sydney, I think Autumn is not officially here yet, but it is getting cooler, even though the sun is still warm and I and Joaquin and a friend and her two dogs went to the park yesterday for a picnic. It was very warm and the grass was so green and there were beetles prancing on grass blades and children in just their nappies having a ball in the play ground. Children here all wear hats, it is compulsory really at school and in day care. I guess that is the price of living in such a warm land.

I can not sleep it is 6am and thinking of my friend. Life is a series of roads and paths and we all take the one we think are best not knowing what lies in store for us. Sometimes our instinct works well and leads us to the honey pot, other times we are faced with demons and deserts.
The better equipped we are to face these challenges the better it is for the next one.
These are just words I am typing and I really can not express all my feelings here, but I am thinking of my friend and hope things do get better.
We do have to be optimistic in this life, it is the only one we have and this world well it is the only green planet available to all organisms as far as we know. We need to be optimistic too for the earth's sake.
Let me tell is so much easier writing about thrifting and home grown tomatoes than feelings and life.

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