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Monday, September 24, 2012

Making eggplant lasagna

We made eggplant lasagna from scratch the other day.
It turned out to be rather yummy.

1) We made some home made pastry sheets, using the pasta recipie of 100grams of flour to one egg. Here we used wholemeal flour. We let the dough rest in the fridge then when everything was nearly ready we put the dough through the pasta machine.

2) We fried some eggplants. I cut thin thinly and fried them in olive oil until they were golden brown.

Then we began to layer the ingredients in a dish.
We added the pastry sheets, then the cooked eggplants, some tomato sauce we cooked and spinach with garlic blizzed up. we kept adding layers with white sauce, tomato sauce, and cheese. We were able to make two big batches and freeze the second batch for another time.
Very yummy comfort food

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