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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday in September in patagonia

What have we been up to here in Patagonia.
Not much, not much.
I am still a bit jet lagged, it takes me about a week.
It takes the kids a few days. Joaquin was the first not to be jet lagged and sleep all night and be awake all day.
Weeping willow is getting its leaves

Snow on Nahuel Pan mountain in the background
However lo and behold, last night both kids slept in their own beds till 6am when Zalia woke up crying. Jas hopped into her bed and then we all went back to sleep and got up at 8am.
My parents went on a bus last night to the coast of Chubut to a welsh town called Trelew and then on another bus to Rawson. My father is attending a conference on digital tv. They arrived this morning and will stay at a hotel in Playa Union. Right on the coast a small seaside town. They just skyped me from the conference.

Today we:
- Got up at 8am, went and turned the outside lights off that had been on all night iluminating the house.
-Picked up the garbage bags on the curb that the dogs on the street had rummaged through. They knock over our bins and it really is quite a mess.
-Then I made coffee and porridge for breakfast for everyone
-Had breakfast, (it was not cold last night so no gas heaters on)
-Cleaned the cabin made beds, had a shower
-Got ready with warm jackets and Jas drove us into town
- Did a "tramite" (chore) at the post office, had to fill out 4 of the same forms to get a copy of the"ACTA" from where my birth is registered. It is in Buenos Aires, so I filled the forms out at the Post Office and paid $11 pesos about $2.50 australian dollars and hopefully this certificate will be found in the main registry office in Buenos Aires, and copied from the big book and sent to me.
-Walked to the Anonima shop and bought some wipes, some eggs ( unfortunately I have not seen any free range eggs here :( ).
-Went to the Morocha deli and bought sliced matambre, queso de maquina, jamon and 2 bread rolls for $41 pesos
-Made a most delicious sandwich with a slice meat called matambre, green olives, sliced cheese, and some helmans mayonnaise, we had lunch and the weather is cooling outside.
-I now am having a tea, black no sugar or milk very refreshing and it is cold outside.
-Joaquin's 6 year old friend from across the road is over, they are playing Minecraft (of course) and Z is asleep. Jas is on his computer.
-I have to hang some washing on the line and hope it does not rain but the clouds are very grey outside.    It might snow on the mountains.

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