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Monday, September 10, 2012

Travelling to Argentina: Part 1

We are finally here in Patagonia, in our little cabin.
The internet is working too. YIPEE. I think we are finally over the jet lag. I woke up at 4,30am this morning but still have not had a sleep. Hopefully I can make it till 9pm or so and then sleep through the night. Joaquin seems to have slept through last night, from 8pm to 6am and Zalia from 11pm to 6pm (but she had a four hour sleep in the afternoon). Jas slept from 6pm to 6am practically straight.
So we left Thursday morning at 6am from Scone Train station. Jas's mum dropped us off, there were some tears and anxiety and stress. We took 8 suitcases and 4 carry-ons, one handbag (large) and a Maclaren stroller, plus a teddy, a dolly called Baby and two pillow pets. We travelled to Central station with less bags as Jas had the bright idea to drop them off the day before in Sydney at the Airport to be stored.
On the train we actually had one large suitcase filled with everything we had to bring and did not want to leave behind, our carry ons, the stroller and the kids.
The train trip was good, 4 hours and $8.20 per person.

On the train to Central
At Central we put most of our remainder bags in storage $4.20 a suitcase so we could walk around the city one last time and have lunch before making our way to the airport by train.
We walked to Pitt Street, had a coffee and toast at an Italian cafe on the corner of Bathurst St. and Pitt. We met up with a friend Mina (A lovely Chilean lady who used to look after Zalia) and her husband. She watched the kids while Jas and I raced around going to Medicare and buying a few last things.
We then went to David Jones food court and Mina and her husband shouted us lunch. So nice of them.
At David Jones Food court with Mina 
We then walked to St James station, caught the train back to Central, picked up our luggage and then caught the train to the Airport.

At the airport we:
-Picked up our stored luggage
-Printed out an email
-Picked up our changed currency
-Checked in all our luggage and thankfully did not have to pay excess, even though we had 2 suitcases over 23kg.
-Said goodbye to Mina

-Went through customs
-Went through the Tourist Refund scheme to get some gst back on our purchases
-Sat in a lounge area near our gate, charged our iPads, iphones etc,
-Redistributed our carry ons
-Bought some more items (ipad case, etc)
-Finally boarded the plane during last call.

We had four seats on our plane and it was relatively empty.

On the plane with the pillow pets

The flight was very good, 12 hours instead of 13 hours. After dinner the kids got in their pjs and went to sleep and did not wake up until breakfast time (1.5 hours before landing).
We did not sleep that well as there was this fellow who sat very close to us and thought it would be wonderful to drink himself silly, with gin bought from duty free, beer and wine. He was loud and obnoxious and was told several times by the head steward that if did not behave or sit down he would be in serious trouble. The thing is he was sitting just by the emergency door, and everytime he stood up to argue or talk or stagger my heart skipped a beat thinking he may just may lean on the door and open the handle. In the end his friend convinced him to sit down, but he was still grabbing on the duty free bag in the morning and there was an empty bottle of gin rolling around under his seat.
When we finally got of the plane, other passengers who sat close by to me mentioned how well my children behaved compared to this nuisance guy. Well yes I do expect my children to behave be it on a plane or in the park. Sure they complain and whinge but they are good children and they really just ate and slept on this flight lucky for Jas and I.

Here are the three of us at the hotel in Buenos Aires. When we stay in Buenos Aires we usually stay at our apartment, but it is small only one bedroom. My brother picked us up at the Airport. He had come in from a 7 hour overnight bus trip from Cordoba a city north of Buenos Aires. To pick us up and help us out.
SO many bags and so many trolleys.
Lucky everything went fine, we went through customs really easy, I got the lady at Customs to write in my passport that I was expecting luggage unaccompanied so as not to have to pay tax on the boxes and other things we have sent by boat.

With my brother Sebastian and my little ones in Buenos Aires.

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