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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

photos of Esquel, knitted jumper dulce de leche and jet lag

These first two jumpers my mum knitted for Zalia. They are gorgeous and I think she was following Elizabeth Zimmerman fisherman jumper style.

These two jumpers my mother bought in a fair here in Esquel for Zalia. They are hand knitted and Zalia has worn the grey one a lot.

Photos below of the cabin. Zalia having an afternoon sleep.

I am the only one jet lagged. Today Z and I both had a long over 2 hour afternoon sleep. When we wake up it is still light. It is still light outside until nearly 8pm and it is only the beginning of spring here.
Last night we were all tired and managed to have them bathed, fed and in bed by 8pm. Zalia was in bed  asleep by 8.30pm. They slept through the night, Zalia crying a bit and Joaquin hoping into our bed. But all managed to sleep through till 6am.

Both Z and J have been great during this trip. Joaquin is so happy being here with his grandparents. He runs around outside and loves spending time with el Abuelo. Following him and today I even caught him helping my father make their bed.  Zalia has been good, it takes her a while to get used to people but she is gives everyone kisses. She is still very bossy and slightly clingy. She is daddy's girl and has been very clingy to him. She is still eating very well.


boiling water to make some tea

cut apple with dulce de leche

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