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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last day of January

The last day of January and really it has flown past.
We have done a lot of camping, hanging out, growing.

This is Zalia, she loves to wear her brother's blue googles and run around in the nudie.

Joaquin is going to start school this year, his bottom left tooth is very woobly and there is another adult incisor that has poped up behind it. He loves to play lego and he is loving his Holiday Colonia. He went camping to Parque Nacional Los Alerces and stayed at the Villa Futalaufquen on Monday and Tuesday.

This is me working from the cabin come office. I really need a hair cut and  eyebrow wax thingy.

This is Zalia and Joaquin trying to clean the floors. Tiled floors are quite easy to clean but with children are a no no, so many things break on the floors when dropped from a substantial height.

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