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Friday, February 1, 2013

Today was lovely and we had a chicken dinner

It is still warm in Esquel, but the nights are cooler.
Today Joaquin went to Colonia and spent the day near the Arroyo Esquel doing climbing, walking and rock activities.
We dropped him of at 10am. He was happing hanging out at the park with the other kids.
We then drove into town and did some shopping. Spent up big as we always do in La Ladronima, the local food shop (really called La Anonima). 
We bought, cheese, ham, chicken, empanada covers to make empanadas for lunch, vegetables, fruit-peaches, bananas, apples, a preschool backpack for Zalia with Elmo on it, some tracksuit pants reduced to 45 pesos for Joaquin and two pairs of socks, we also bought milk, cereals, muslie bars, yoghurt, shampoo, wipes, some plastic orange plates and bowls for the kids as they always breaking the white crockery on the tiles.

Then we arrived home before lunch and I made empanadas, ham, cheese, olives and ricotta. They were really nice, we were so hungry as Jas and I did not have enough time to have breakfast this morning.
After lunch Z had a sleep, I did some work and then by 4pm Z woke up. It is so good she still sleeps during the day but she sometimes does not sleep enough and can be grumpy and clingy as she was today. 
I did some more work on my computer. All the while Z just wanted my attention and she ended up getting the unopened nuttella jar out of the cupboard and dropping it on the tiles. Yes the jar kind of broke (the lid) but we managed to recuperate the nutella and exchange lids with an older jar that was empty. Lucky for my quick thinking...

At 5pm I walked down to the park with Z in the pram to pick up Joaquin.
This is a photo I took waiting for Joaquin. We can see him coming with the other kids.
Zalia finally saw him, took of her shoes and ran to him.

They played in the park.

Joaquin tried the monkey bar.
So did Zalia.

Joaquin hit his head no the monekey bar.

We finally made it home but Joaquin was tired and I took both of them in the pram.

Jas had stayed home and made a lovely roast chicken dinner. He had put the chicken in brine all afternoon and the chicken came out so tener and delishious. The roast veggies potatos, pumpkin, sweet potato and carrots were scrumptions. We had home grown peas and carrot too.
I got a bit cranky at dinner, as Joaquin is tired and won't eat his peas. I really hate getting cranky.
I cleaned up and Jas put them to bed, he read them a book on wombats and they all fell asleep exhausted.

Tomorrow is a new day, I need to go for a run, do some more work, pick peans and beans from the garden, weed the garden. Jas needs to mow the lawn and wipper snip. We need to water the plants (did not do it today as it rained last night). If it is warm we will fill up the little swimming pool too, so the kids can have a soak.

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