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Sunday, February 17, 2013

A night at the Esquel Fair Expo

We went to the local fair  yesterday.It marks the week of the Anniversary of the 107th birthday of Esquel. We left home at about 7pm and it was freezing out. All the light snow on the mountains was really blowing down to Esquel. It was freezing...
That did not stop the people going to the fair. There was so many people there, all ages.
We had a fun night out, we had fairy floss, french fries, torta fritas, a slice of cake. Zalia did not try the fairy floss and was a bit scared of it. I don't blame her, it is nearly as big as she is.

I bought fresh blueberries and homemade blue berry jam.
There was music, bands, girls singing Whitney Houstan classics and stalls selling so many things.
Everyone selling everything from home made cakes, sweets, mapuche weavings, woollen socks, wooden toys, clothes, jewelery, boutique or artisan beer, honey, creams.
There were bands and music and people singing. So much activity.
I have never seen so many people in Esquel, so many cars outside the Gym/showground where the even was on.
So many kids, a few clowns thrown in for good measure, Joaquin's circus teacher also was there.
We had fun, but it was cold and we left at 9pm. Joaquin ate 2 hotdogs or panchos. He can not get enough of them.

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