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Friday, December 12, 2014

Early December 2014

Why do I always come back to this blog even after so many days, weeks and months of not posting. I think it is because I want to have a place where I keep some thoughts and photos of how my life is and was. I really have a bad memory lately. It must be because I am trying to juggle working full time as a scientist, being a mother to two smallish children, living in another country (my country) with a partner who is not happy here, having my parents close (living in their back yard as Jason says).

Anyway I will continue to add photos and words from this period in my life so at least I can look back one day or my kids can.

The days are warmer in December in southern Patagonia. Everything is green, the flowers are out, the insects are buzzing even there is some fruit on the trees.

We picked cherries and some were very red, some still slightly whitish red and some had been eaten already by the enthusiastic birds.

Zalia loves it when the cherries are in bloom. It means summer is finally here, the snow has melted form the mountains and soon Christmas will arrive and we will travel to Australia to spend christmas with Nanny and Poppy.

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