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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Travelling with Kids: Santiago Chile, to Sydney, Australia

We were finally on the Qantas Longreach plane aptly called Sydney on our way to Sydney.
Once on the plane we waited in our seats and due to storms in Sydney we had to fill up on extra petrol. This is a procedure and in the end there were no storms when we landed 14 hours later. Flying with Qantas to Sydney was great. We had ordered kids meals online and reserved our seats so it was all easy getting on board. However there was a problem with the kids meals and they had not been ordered. The kids ended up eating adult meals pasta and chicken and it was ok with Zalia. Joaquin did not eat much.

During the 14 hours there was a lot of tv watching Bananas in Pyjamas, play school, Peppa Pig, in the night Garden for Zalia.  I watched a few great movies Boy, The little death (set in Randwick in Sydney), "What we do in the shadows" a vampire comedy movie set in Wellington, NZ with Jermaine Clement. Joaquin read some books, watched a few shows and movies. They both fell asleep about 2 hours into Sydney. Jason and I did not sleep much he listened to Serial Podcast. We still have 2 episodes to go.
Our flight took just under 14 hours and was smooth and followed the sun. The kids were very well behaved and we had to wake them when we landed to tell them we had arrived in Australia!

Once we arrived in Sydney, going through Customs was relatively easy even though we declared we had food (chocolates, and a christmas pudding Jason made while in Esquel).
It was 7pm once we landed and dusk outside. There was a big christmas tree outside and the kids were super excited.

We stayed at the Mercure near Central Station. The room was big, and we were very tired. We managed to go for a walk outside to find a Sushi place for Joaquin to have Sushi. He stuffed his face with sushi and sashimi. Then we went next door to a noodle place to have noodle soup. By then it was 10pm and we quickly walked back to our rooms and tried to go to sleep. This is the beginning of Jet lag. We all woke up at about 2am and then went back to sleep. We finally got up at 6am and had showered and ventured down to Breakfast. Breakfast was amazing, so much of a selection so much food. I love the muslie, the coffee, the fruit the baked beans. The kids ate about 4 pieces of vegemite toast each plus wheatbix.
My good friend Erica came to visit with her 8 year old son Oliver. The kids were happy to see each other over breakfast and Erica and I had a good old yarn and took some selfies.

At 10am we left the hotel and walked to Central station and bought magazines, real wonderful coffee and got on our country train to go to Scone in the Upper Hunter.
The trip was 4 hours and very smooth. We all shared a sausage roll for lunch with sauce and the kids had a packet of salt and vinegar chips, first time in a year. They scoffed it down.

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