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Friday, December 19, 2014

Travelling with Kids: Buenos Aires to Santiago

We stayed one night in Buenos Aires, and in the morning after our breakfast we left at 8am to catch a taxi to Ezeiza.
From there at 1pm we caught another plane to Santiago in chile.
The photo below is the kids on the plane when we are crossing the Andes. It was a smooth flight and not much snow on the mountains. After the plane crosses the Andes it starts to descend into Santiago, a city that is usually filled with smog and mist and surrounded by giganormous mountains. These pilots must really know how to fly these planes.  The kids were well behaved. I had bought them activity books in Ezeiza airport and Joaquin had a 3D Gaturo book and Zalia a Barbie magazine. With their headphones they were very entertained.
We had a small snack on the plane (a white bread roll with ham and cheese) which was only eaten by Jas. It is not the same as in the past when we used to be served a Salmon meal when crossing the Andes.
This trip only takes 1 hour and 30 min.

Once we arrived in Santiago, we had to go through customs and then find our hotel. Thankfully it was the Santiago Holiday Inn, just across the road from Santiago Airport. We had a room overlooking the airport, comfortable beds, and there is a pool, gym and sauna there. We checked in, hung around our room and then went for a walk to find some lunch. We had chicken and avocado sandwiches and the kids shared a hamburger and chips. There were not eating much, still getting over their gastro bug.
We were on the second floor and sure enough what they liked to do was play with the lift every time we went up to our floor or down.
After lunch we got into our cosies and spent a few hours by the pool and in the spa. It is great to be active when you travel with kids and have things to do. Joaquin swam a lot, Zalia was in the big pool always with an adult and we also had an outside area with little sun beds. I spent about 40 minutes outside and the sun was beautiful.

After our swim, we went back to our room, had a shower and then hung out watching tv and organising our bags. 
I painted Zalia's nails and walked across to the Airport to a pharmacy to buy nail polish remover.
We got ready at 8pm to go a get a drink in the bar and then went to dinner. I ordered a Bloody Mary and Jason ordered a local Chilian beer. 
Zalia was playing around and she fell of the little couch in the bar and I put ice on her head. I was freaking out because the last thing I needed was a sick child in a foreign country. But she was fine in no time.
We then headed to the restaurant for dinner and had salmon dishes and the kids had nuggets and chips.  The restaurant was full of people and I even overheard a few Australians who were staying the night before heading back to Sydney. I spoke to three people who had been on a bird watching tour in Ecuador. One of the gentlemen was from UNSW and they all knew Mike Archer the eminent Australian Paleontologist and my Paleo teacher from UNSW.

The next day we went down early for breakfast and had our bags packed. We had packed a small bag with all the clothes we would use in the few days of travel and this was handy as there were already outfits picked out for the kids. This is handy instead of rummaging through large bags looking for clothes to wear. The breakfast was really good and we stuffed our faces with fruit and cereals and a hot meal (bacon, eggs, toast, mushrooms).
Then we went back to our rooms, did any last minute packing and cleaning and got our bags down to the lobby area to check out.
We then just wheeled our bags across to the airport and went to check in for our flight to Sydney. It went very smoothly and easy. It is better to stay the night in Santiago then wait for a connecting flight and spend 10 hours in the airport.

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