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Monday, December 15, 2014

Travelling with kids: Argentina

The day finally arrived to travel to Australia.
It was a very long trip.
Overall we caught:
Two buses, three planes, one train, a few taxis and we stayed in a few hotels in different countries.

We got up early, 5am, finished off a bit of packing, cleaning and then got the kids up
We left at 7am to catch a bus to Bariloche, it took 4 hours.
We were all sick with Gastro and just getting over it, so we were anticipating a really long trip with sick kids and adults. Zalia had it first then Jas then I and we were waiting for Joaquin to be sick throughout the whole trip.
Thankfully there was only one case of a vomit and that was Joaquin at Bariloche Airport.
I had the runs the day before, it was terrible but after about 8 solid hours of hanging out by the toilet, it quickly ended the same way it came. The worse thing is having to go to the toilet and feeling so bleh when you have bags to packs and a house to clean.

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