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Friday, February 28, 2014

Camper van and camping with Kids in Central NSW Coast: (seeing my first Koala in the wild)

It really has been a long long time that I have sat down and written a blog post or written about my life in this little old blog.
I am thinking I need to write things down before I forget everything in my life.
So much has happened....
We (our little family of 4) spent 2 months in Australia. 
We visited family, friends, went to the Museums (Australian Museum, Powerhouse Museum), ate a lot of fish and chips, ate sushi, went to the fish market about 4 times, swam in Coogee Beach and  Clovelly Beach. We also went camping 2 times and caravanning 1 x. 

We saw our first koala in the wild. Can you find him ( I think he was a he). Zalia wanted to find a koala so I set out to find one, I went for a walk around the caravan park and lo and behold I looked up in the tree and found him. Sleeping. I was told there were koalas in that area but they had not seen one for a while. I am good at finding marsupials though. But i was very proud of myself to find one and show Zalia. Then i went back to tell Jas, he was very impressed and shocked I found one just like that in the bush.

This is what Zali wore when I told her we would go and see a koala in the wild!

We also visited the local Billabong Koala and Kangaroo Park,  near Port Macquarie. It is really great and the kids fed the wallabies (swamp and 
We saw two snow leapords that were a bit hot and had come from Taronga Zoo, a 50 year old rouge croc that was captured in 2012 in the Northern Territory and birds, marsupials and of course a lot of beautiful koalas.

A sleeping male Koala (they sleep more than 70% of the day!
 A male wallaby.

Shrek the monster croc!

Campervaning on the NSW Central Coast. We stayed at the Big 4 In Bonny Hills. We went after the school holiday period, so there were not that many people around, just the old foxes in their large, (very large) winnibago type caravans and a few families who came on the weekend to surf and camp. The good thing about this big 4 is the pool park and it is great for little kids. Z and J spent all day in the pool and Zalia learnt to not fear the water and jumped in by herself and paddled around with floaties on.

Spent some time by the camper van, chilling, reading the web, instagraming, playing, cooking, watching out for the large goannas.

We spend some days at the beach, exploring the coast and found a few very large jelly fish, washed up on the coast.

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