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Friday, March 21, 2014

Autumn 2014 Patagonia Style

Autumn is here, today in the Southern Hemisphere.
It certainly has arrived and I even think it has been looming its head for a while in these parts.
The mornings are cold, the heaters are on as we make coffee and dress the kids for school.
By mid morning the sun is out and by afternoon it is very warm. There is light in the living room/sun room, Zalia is out and about with the puppies in a singlet but there are leaves everywhere. The roses are in bloom.

I am working from home and our "lab" has moved to a new site in Town. I moved a desk and chair to my new office which I will be sharing with another "biologist" and need to move a book case. From now I work at home, and use our dining table as a desk. We have a new table which we got made in lenga wood by a local carpenter. We need to paint it and have ordered chairs (before christmas) and hopefully they will be ready in the next few days.

I have a lot of work to do, write papers, emails, grants, review a paper. So much work and I need the motivation.
This weekend I will organise the house, the bedroom, empty the book case and make a pile of things to take to the office.
It is a long weekend here, I think which marks "Dia de la Memoria y verdad por la Justicia" or "Day of Remembrance for Truth and for Justice", anniversary of the the anniversary of the coup d'état of 1976 that brought the National Reorganization Process to power. I had just turned 2 when this happened, my parents were very young and my brother was not even 1 years of age.

There are 15 public holidays in 2014, there were 17 in 2013.

I remember I went last year to mark the Dia de la Memoria y verdad por la Justicia, with my parents to a small gathering in Esquel, to mark that day, to remember the missing in the Dictadura and to lay wreaths in a local plaza. It was cold. Zalia was in our arms the whole time, she was 2 turning 3. Soon she will be 4. Joaquin is 6, nearly two years ago he broke his elbow in Sydney. 
Time passes. The seasons change, Life is moving always forward. 

-24 March 2013
-24 March 2011

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