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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Birthdays in March

It is my Dad's Birthday today.
We took the Graza Bruja Bird that my parents are looking after to the vet (as you do) and unfortunately it has a broken leg (tibia) and so is still not flying. It still is a young chick and has soft feathers under the adult ones. The vet gave him/her an anti-inflamitary injection. I had to hold her/him in my arms and it was pleasant and very nice bird. I hope he/she will be ok.
My parents keep the Garza in a box at night and have began to let it out all day and night and it seems to be getting better. The vet said it should fly soon. There about 9 garzas in our garden.

We then celebrated my dad's birthday. He made an asado, I made a simple green salad and my mum made a chocolate cake.
Happy Birthday Papa and Lelo Francisco. We love you very much, te queremos mucho!

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