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Sunday, March 16, 2014

The seasons are changing

This weekend, just hanging at home.
Autumn has arrived. It started getting cold outside and it rained yesterday. The rain is welcoming, it is the first time that it has rained in these parts in a while. Everyone in town wanted rain, as the gardens are all dry, the arroyo (creek) is dry.
My parents are building a wood shed to keep the wood dry for the winter, but we also all have gas heaters to keep us cozy and warm.

Last night we had home made pizza with the mozzarella that Jas had made. We added fresh tomatoes and feta cheese (Jas made). It was really yummy.

This morning we had pancakes with the left over whey from the cheese making and maple syrup an nutella.
Now watching Frozen with the kids on tv.
Probably will be snacking on the left over pizza soon..

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