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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Its a milestone birthday

Today is a milestone birthday and it is a bit shocking to the system.
Others of my cohorts and peers who have hit this milestone seem to have done so with grace and dignity.
I on the other hand am freaking out BIG TIME.
Anyway like my other half says to me: At least i have reached 40, I have two kids and a job what more can I ask for. I can speak two languages, I have a Phd and am working with animals and marsupials something I have always wanted to do.
I just need to....

a) not be so lazy

b) get fitter
c) read more books
d) write more papers
e) get my FRiggenn drivers licence so I don't depend on others to drive.

Today we dropped the kids of to school, Jas made me coffee then he dropped me of to Uni.

Yesterday was the first day of school for the kids. It has been a long holiday over 2 months of freedom for our kids.

We had sandwiches de miga for lunch or as Joaquin calles them SANDWICHES DE HORMIGAS.

Thats me fat neck, goggly eyes, dyed hair going a bit grey and all I am forty.
Bye bye 30 hello 40.
Chau los años 30, hola los 40!

Jas is making me dinner and a pavlova.
I really did not get many pressies for my birthday but really I guess in life I already have it great.
I got a little dress from my mother in law before leaving Australia. I bought myself a handbag in Australia and I might get a quilt for our bed for a present.

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