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Sunday, March 30, 2014

bye bye bondi we will miss you beautiful

On the 24th March we lost our beautiful Bondi.
She was nearly 14 years old, she was a large german sherpas cross with beautiful brown eyes and a big heart.
She was special as she was gentle and even looked after the puppies we got last year in July as if they were her own. They treated her like a surrogate mother.
She was sick on Sunday when I found her lying outside. She could not breath properly and was heavy breathing and covered in some sort of wet vomit.
We ended up calling the vet to see if they could put her down. she did not eat or drink or get up. The vet came at 4.30pm and gave her a few injections to stop the pain. She said something was wrong with her tummy.
We later realised with the help of the internet she may have had GDV (when the tummy bloats) and not much could have be done.
It happens in older larger dogs.
She died Monday 24th of March, in the morning. She was still warm when we said good bye to her. Her eyes opened her ears finally able to rest. She was finally able to rest in Patagonia. Where she was born and bred.
She was beautiful, sweet, gentle.
We will miss her so much. Zalia thinks she has gone to the mountains to stay. In my heart she is there watching us and looking after us as she always did. I hope I was ok to her, I hope I was a good friend for her. We took her for a lot of dogs. We gave her love. She was a dog that was tied up from a pup to age 5 when my parents rescued her and adopted her.

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