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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cheese making weekend and autumn is here

Its the weekend we are just taking it easy. Making some cheese, eating a lot, resting, maybe making fresh dough and pizza for dinner (Jas does the food making I help clean and get things). I also add the toppings. He said he will make fresh mozzarella with the fresh cows milk we HE pasteurised!

What else has been happening??????

So far this week.....
it has all been about cheese.

We finally made:
-feta cheese (WE CANT BUY THAT HERE)
-labne ( WE CAN'T BUY IT HERE)

Yesterday I ALSO made...
I made flat bread via Julie Goodwin (the first Australian master chef)
and I made gozleme via BabyMac and lamb mince similar to what Baby Mac made here... Morrocan lamb wraps except we had a leg of lamb and removed the meat and minced it, we made our own hummus with dried chickpeas and I did not have baby spinach but used normal spinach.
To make the wraps I used firstly the recipe that Baby Mac had posted on making Gozleme (flour and yoghurt) and the next day tried the flat bread recipe using flour, butter and milk. Both turned out really yummy.

I finally got on the juice bandwagon and made myself a beetroot and apple juice. Beautiful very sweet. Mind you the apples were from our garden.

I FINALLY did some exercise on Thursday. I went for a swim while Joaquin has his swim class. EVEN though i have had a nasty cold that has left me feeling very sorry for myself.

Joaquin now swims in the municipal swim school and has gone to level one for the children aged 7 to 8. He is 6 still but swimming well. All that swimming in Australia paid off. It gave him a lot of confidence.
Now have to get Zalia some lessons.

I am finally getting over my cold. But I do have sore on my lip. A cold sore?

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Brasilian_Babe said...

Sounds like the arrangement I have with my husband. He cooks and I clean. :-)

Love gozleme. My favourite is spicy turkish salami and cheese drenched in lemon juice, but we replace the turkish spicy salami with chorizo when we make it at home.