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Saturday, September 10, 2011

2am awake

It's 2am blogging from iPhone. Zalia has been waking up crying and hard for her to get back to sleep. She has a bit of a cold, stuffed up nose and today fell of the lounge ( I was at table using laptop and Jas was with her on lounge but did not see her) and fell face first with a thud on wooden floors. Her face is ok and head but she may have tried using arms to stop herself and they may be bruised. She has not been herself and I am slightly worried. She cried a lot did not sleep much wanted breastfeed and bottle feed. She was ok later in afternoon walking around and playing but still clingy and nit her usual happy little self. Poor munchnut. She is asleep now in cot, I lay in bed with Joaquin (who is asleep) next to her in joaquin's small ikea bed! I hope she has a deeper sleep this really upsets me and affects us all. Oh zalia also said "dinosaur train" on Sat night!

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