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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pancakes and a day at Coogee beach

This morning I made pancakes for the two little ones. Joaquin helped me! I use a Stephanie Alexander recipe. The secret is not adding the egg whites with the flour, butter, yolks but mixing them separately until they are soft peaks, adding them to the mixture at the end and then cooking them. It makes the pancakes light and fluffy.

A pancake for mummy with jam
Later we went to Coogee to play at a friend's house and the weather was quite horrible. It rained we had cheese toasted sandwiches. Later in the afternoon it was sunny. We walked down to the beach, bought some banana smoothies at MelonHead. Joaquin got upset his friend finished his smoothie before him.
Then when Joaquin was feeling happier we walked down to the beach from the shops and headed north past the statue to commiserate the people from the Eastern Suburbs who lost their lives from the Bali Bombing, towards Clovelly. The boys had fun playing in the puddles, investigating the rocks, luckily they had rain boots on. Zalia finally fell asleep in the pram. It was very windy. After we walked down to the beach and the boys played in the sand. Joaquin found a sliver spoon and a 10 cent piece. We then caught the bus home. It was a nice day considering how horrible the weather was earlier on.
Joaquin at the north side of Coogee beach playing in puddles with a friend
Joaquin and his friend

Joaquin looking out to Wedding cake island

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