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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

not much happening in Sydney town

At home, the weather is quite bleak in Sydney town. Joaquin has not been feeling 100% and he is playing dinosaur train on the other laptop while I type. He has had an upset tummy and felt sick last night and today.
But now he is better, I made some vege soup with organic vegetables -carrot, celery, leek, garlic, ginger all organic and I added non-organic onion and some soup stock. I made some basmati rice and it was really nice. He even had soup and rice and said "nice, crunchy rice".
Today we will just stay at home and not do much. Maybe clean, maybe a friend may come over later. I can not believe it is not even midday, I have cooked soup, put Zalia down for a sleep, had lunch with Joaquin and played with them this morning and still not midday.
Tomorrow I have uni but no class so I will work on finishing corrections for my paper that should have been down last year.
Zalia is waking up, she always does when I am blogging!
un beso xxx

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